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As almost everything you put on your skin will be absorbed into your body, it is important to choose care products with ingredients that are not harmful.


Hi Cornelia! I am very impressed by your products. I don’t know what you use to scent them with but they have an amazing natural perfume that is not overpowering at all, it reminds me a bit of Tasmania’s rainforest with some touches of lemon grass. I love the facial spritz, it will make a perfect gift. As I’ve said, I’m VERY fussy about what I put on my face and everything I’ve tried is delicate and you have made beautiful products. Thanks again.

Wendy, Yeppoon. 29/8/2016

Just letting you know that Mum, Norelle and I use your Face Products daily and they are Amazing. Best ever. Congratulations!! 😃

Tamala, Yeppoon. 28/6/2015

Hi Cornelia I just wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with your products and look forward to trying the new ones that I have ordered. My 26 year old daughter Madison had suffered quite bad eczema on her face and body. She lives in Melbourne and when I saw her 2 weeks ago I gave her my facial cleanser from your range. I spoke with her this morning and she loves it and is going to purchase products online herself from your range. ​I was excited to introduce her to them as she has suffered quite badly and gets very red and scaly skin on her face at times.

Janice, Brisbane. 30/3/2015

I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I have used your products and they are absolutely beautiful. I love the way they feel on my skin, the smell and the price! … thanks again, I have never used a product that I have loved so much

Samantha, Yeppoon. 9/10/2014